1. YO DUDES!  

    It’s record store day!  Come to the Searchers in Smith Street, we’ll be playing stuff from the shelves between 4:30-6.


  2. IT’S THE FREEKIN’ WEEKEN’ so come out tonight and have some fun at ATTICUS FINCH @atticusfinchbar with the Rainbow Connection DJ’ing from 9pm-1am!

    Free drinks if your name is Joanne, Denise, Theresa or Thalia…cos those girls just got that VIBE, you know what i’m sayin?


    Q. What does the R. in R.Kelly stand for?  

    A. RAINBOW, of course!



  4. Hello good people!

    Atticus Finch have asked Gus & Alex to jump on their Saturday Night residency rotations, and tomorrow night, MARCH 1ST 2014, marks the first of these nights.

    We would love to see as many of you buds as possible come out for a little Sap n’Chat time, as we pump out the pleasurable tunes of life at a listenable volume.

    We will be there from 8pm-1am, and Atticus have the finest food and drinks to keep you going for a short or long time, depending on where the night takes you.

    Drop all your plans tomorrow night (yes, we know DJ HARVEY is on at the TOFF, but consider us your northside warm up - launch pad), and stop in to Atticus Finch 129 Lygon St, Brunswick East.

    In order to celebrate this occasion, We finished our first DJmix!  It’s up on soundcloud and you can click on the link in this post to go listen to it…WARM UP your WORK DAY!




  5. Click on this link and get excited. 

    We can’t wait for April!


  6. Oh Terje, you’ve done it again…



  8. …enough with the M@%HER F#CKING DANCE SONGS…




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